Nurturing Elbows In-Home Massage

Jason Knisley, CMT

Swedish Massage • Myofascial Release • Ergonomics

Trigger Point Therapy • Stretching


What I Do

 I bring my seventeen years of experience as a massage therapist to help my San Francisco Bay Area clients relax from stress and recover from repetitive stress and athletic injuries.

I believe that a massage should address underlying musculoskeletal issues while providing a relaxing, comfortable massage that, while opening tension, also provides relaxation for the mind. While I work most heavily with Swedish massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy, my practice is a synthesis of many methodologies, including joint mobilization, fascial scraping, energy work, and the work from my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.


What I Offer

I provide professional, experienced, professional massage therapy housecall appointments, typically on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday, starting at 2 pm, with the final appointment starting at 8 pm, and in 60-, 90- and 120-minute increments.  Within San Francisco, a 60-minute session is $175, a 90-minute session is $225, and a 120-minute session is $275.

I visit homes and offices throughout San Francisco and northern San Mateo County, including Daly City, South San Francisco, Colma, and San Bruno. I bring my massage table and equipment, so easy, safe, and close parking is a must, and bridge tolls and paid parking will be added to the final bill.



What I Bring

When I come to your location, I bring with me:

  • My massage table
  • A set of sheets and towels
  • My fantastic speaker with soothing music
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Oil bottle holster
  • Massage oil, usually unscented Sweet Almond Oil

When booking, please let me know if you have any allergies or adverse reactions, both internal and external, especially any allergies to nuts, skin oils, essential oils, or floral essences.

Often clients have specific goals in mind.

Many of my clients have athletic injuries or repetitive stress trauma that they would like to address.  Opening and calming the muscle of a badly-damaged shoulder, for instance, is a detailed process that can easily use an entire session. Most such clients have several areas of focus, such as hips, shoulders, forearms, and feet. These sessions usually consist of a combination of many massage and stretching modalities to release knots and fascial adhesions.


From time to time, they need relaxation.

Occasionally, the stress of life requires deeper relaxation. A graceful cascade of sinuous, flowing Swedish massage, paired with slow, relaxing music will help you rejuvenate and help you to unwind.


And still others like to chart a middle course.

Day-to-day stresses and neck kinks must be worked out in deeper, firmer massage. Using pockets of focused, therapeutic work interspersed with a firm petrissage, I smooth tight muscles throughout your body as I find them, releasing stress and bringing you back to yourself


About Me

For seventeen years, it has been my great joy to be a certified massage therapist (CMT), helping restore function to and relieve pain in the tired, injured bodies of my clients. I utilize my academic studies of Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Biomechanics, my strong hands, and my sharp sensitivity to energy to alleviate pain and to restore movement, and to bring relaxation and restoration. My practice seeks to unite science and intuition, as they should be, in the service of easing pain and rejuvenating the body.

When I begin a session, I always ask, “What can I do for you today?” and that is really the essence of my bodywork practice. There is not a set or rote session for anyone, and I seek to address my client’s needs then. Whether we are addressing complex musculoskeletal issues or the need for deep relaxation, every client deserves a unique, beautiful, mindful session.