Hello and welcome! 

For the past fourteen years, it has been my great joy to relieve pain in and restore function to the tired, achy bodies of my clients. Within my practice, I leverage my extensive studies of physiology and kinesiology in order to alleviate pain and limited mobility, as well as bringing calm and relaxation.

I hope that you find this site informative. Within it, you will find information about my philosophy and services. I also plan to update it with more helpful information about new services and other information relevant to bodywork. If you have any questions or wish to schedule, feel absolutely free to email me at jason@nurturingelbows.com or call me at (650) 564-3375.

A New Beginning

It’s a new and exciting chapter of my life: a rebuilding of my private practice. To me, this new incarnation of the old practice represents so much more than just a return to the orthopaedic work that I love; it represents a continuing growth of all of my skills. It encompasses more than just deep tissue work, emphasizing the effects of bodywork upon the whole body, not just the local areas of work.

In addition to fantastic bodywork, I look to bring artistry to the other aspects of the session. Quality speakers, hand-selected music, scented oils, and soft linens all contribute to a sensual, encompassing massage experience. Look for these beautiful details as I continue to refine my offerings.

And this can be a new sense of beginning for you, as well. Your body molds itself to what you ask of it. Day in and day out, people sit hunched behind desks at their stressful jobs, barely stopping to eat or sleep, which manifests as pain, tension, weakness, and stiffness. Eventually, these develop into maladaptive motor recruitment patterns to move around the pain and stiffness, compounding the problem. Stop it before it becomes a hump. Stop it before it becomes sciatica. This can be your opportunity to reverse years of damage and neglect from stress, poor posture, and poor body mechanics. It requires massage. It requires altering the way that you sit. It requires taking care of yourself. The work of untwisting, smoothing, and strengthening your body is not always easy, but it is worthwhile. Let me help you begin to revitalize yourself.

I look forward to keeping all of you updated as I continue to hone my already well-sharpened orthopedic skillset and create more experiences for relief and rehabilitation.