Techniques and Services

Massage and Bodywork encompasses a broad range of skills and modalities. In my practice, I have specialized primarily in orthopedic modalities aimed at pain relief, movement restoration, and injury prevention.

I work with my clients in their homes and offices, bringing my table, soft linens, beautiful music, and soothing oils to bring a rich, restorative experience to you, relieving you of the burden of traffic and giving you more time to enjoy your session.

I offer the following services:

Swedish Massage
A style of massage using moisturizing oils to create long, graceful, sliding movements, Swedish massage can relax the mind and superficial tensions of the body while helping to recirculate the body's fluids.

Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release aims to break up the scar tissue within muscles in order to restore healthy function. Such muscles changes limit blood flow and movement, and through kneading, stretching, compression, and precision force, muscles are softened and elongated, restoring range, circulation, and positional relationships.

Active Release
Active Release is a specialized form of Myofascial Release, using trigger points and the natural muscle movement in order to strip away scar tissue.

The essences of plans have been used for centuries to bring balance to body and mind. A touch of aromatherapy can be combined with all of the services and techniques to enhance your appointment goals, be they relaxation, calming, or rejuvenation. Try one of my hand-mixed blends today.

I also offer Ergonomic Assessment and Consultation for the office and home office. Poor posture and body mechanics are often the underlying causes of mechanical musculoskeletal dysfunction, and a little time improving working conditions can save a lot of pain and movement restriction later.