I like to think of myself as a grown-up hippie scientist. I find that many massage therapists, and indeed health practitioners, work specifically with traditional Western medicine or with energy and intuition, but rarely both. In either camp, there seems to be a stigma for understanding both: “Oh, you don’t believe in that, do you?” “Oh, those pills won’t help you!” Both camps often distrust each other.

In my experience, however, both perspectives have value. My own background as a scientist tells me that physiology and mechanics are vital to the functioning of the human body. I view our bodies, our cells, our subcellular makeup, as tiny, abstracted machines, working together toward a common, orchestrated purpose. The interactions of all of these little structures build to a larger, complex, convergent and remarkable machine. And like any machine, on both their subtle, hard-to-see levels and their more gross mechanistic ones, dysfunction can exist. Nutritional deficiencies and genetic issues can cascade into more serious problems, but so can the positional relationships between muscles, bones, nerves, and cartilage. In working to address the body, these things must be considered.

But I also believe that, like any of the machines that we build ourselves, there are subtle implications that are difficult to predict. Computer systems often have behaviors that are wholly different when implemented in reality because of unforeseeable complex interactions. And like these machines, the implications of what we have observed of the body and mind that are not explainable by our scientific models do not just evaporate because of the imperfection of our understanding. Even now, we know that there is a large gravity well at the center of our universe, indicating the possibility of dark matter or a massive black hole that we cannot yet observe.

I have always been intuitively sensitive to emotion and energy. While much of the bodywork that I do is guided by observations of posture and movement, much of it is also guided by an intuitive understanding and perception of the person with which I’m working. Even before direct palpation, I can look at someone and feel inside myself some of the issues plaguing them, and I pride myself on my ability to marry the logical and the intuitive. Deduction and induction should not be divorced, after all, but complement each other. Observation is the root of all science and logic.

Within my practice, I always seek to meld my extensive knowledge of the mechanics and physiology of the body with my natural, intuitive understanding to find the best solutions for healing and wellness for each unique being. My approach to massage combines an experienced, intuitive, energy-sensitive approach with my expertise in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to work to address pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. A session with me may include myofascial release, energy work, stretching, acupressure, exercise instruction, or fluid movement. I like to draw from my diverse strengths, training, and knowledge, both as an intuitive and sensitive human being, and as a passionate scientist, to help my clients find relief and improved performance.