I’ve been a massage therapist for these past fourteen years, with a focus on the manual therapies involved in orthopedic rehabilitation. I have been fascinated with the body for my entire life, even during the unfinished degree at UC Berkeley in Computer Science and Mathematics before I become a massage therapist. The structure of the body as a fractally-growing, complicated set of coordinated interactions has always been beautiful and entrancing to me. This logical mind underlying my studies in my Physiology and Biomechanics gave me a unique perspective on the body at multiple levels of abstraction, before I eventually came to my degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology.

My practice is informed by these many years of study, intense scientific curiosity, a studious mind, an intuitive understanding of the body, and fourteen years of experience as a massage therapist. I combine my skills and knowledge to relieve pain and restore movement to tired, stressed, overworked bodies, helping people to find the relief, rejuvenation and function.